Transpak’s packaging engineers have the knowledge and experience to meet your specifications and solve your packaging needs. Our in-house Engineering & Design Team can create custom packaging solutions with or without product samples, often working on mathematical modelling and computer assisted design (CAD). Our expertise and leading-edge software enable us to design packaging that will reduce damage, optimize shipping and costs. Our engineers have gained their experience throughout many years in vast variety of industries, including military, aerospace, electronics, automotive, mining, and construction, and can help you develop the proper packaging for your needs.


Responsibility Comes Standard

  • Our design technicians create packaging while minimizing waste. We responsibly source all of raw materials and implement lean manufacturing practices. That means we can create the package cost-effectively while minimizing the environmental impact, allowing us to deliver products in a responsible package.
  • Be at the forefront of a growing movement toward sustainably packaged products. As a leader in packaging sustainability, we consider the full lifecycle of your product, from design, production and reuse.
  • Benefit from a wide variety of substrates and print processes designed to meet diverse cost control and supply chain needs.

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