At Transpak, we produce millions of wooden crates, boxes, skids and pallets each year, which allows us to produce lumber and dunnage of any size. At our plant in Franklin we can provide any amount of loose lumber for your next woodworking project – from hardwoods and softwoods, to plywood. We have a significant lineup of cut lumber in-stock – we offer a wide variety of lumber grades and our engineers are ready to assist you with selecting the right product to meet your particular needs, however the selection may vary based on our current projects. Feel free to contact us for current lumber availability and pricing.


Responsibility Comes Standard

  • Our design technicians create packaging while minimizing waste. We responsibly source all of raw materials and implement lean manufacturing practices. That means we can create the package cost-effectively while minimizing the environmental impact, allowing us to deliver products in a responsible package.
  • Be at the forefront of a growing movement toward sustainably packaged products. As a leader in packaging sustainability, we consider the full lifecycle of your product, from design, production and reuse.
  • Benefit from a wide variety of substrates and print processes designed to meet diverse cost control and supply chain needs.

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