Transpak manufactures and provides customized pallets and skids in small or high volume for anything that needs to be transported or if you just need to store, handle or support your loads in an affordable way. Pallets and skids can be a cost-effective alternative for items that don’t need an extensive packaging. Transpak will deliver any shape, size or design - pallets and skids can be either custom or machine built to your match your product characteristics and requirements.

As there is a limitless range of shapes and construction, based on the application, material handling conditions and load, Transpak engineers will choose the best lumber grade and pallet design for your job.


Responsibility Comes Standard

  • Our design technicians create packaging while minimizing waste. We responsibly source all of raw materials and implement lean manufacturing practices. That means we can create the package cost-effectively while minimizing the environmental impact, allowing us to deliver products in a responsible package.
  • Be at the forefront of a growing movement toward sustainably packaged products. As a leader in packaging sustainability, we consider the full lifecycle of your product, from design, production and reuse.
  • Benefit from a wide variety of substrates and print processes designed to meet diverse cost control and supply chain needs.

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